Kim Dohyeon and Geomsanseong

Kim Dohyeon and Geomsanseong

Geomsanseong is a fortress locate in Sangcheong-ri Cheonggi-myeon Gyeongsangbuk-do and built in the end of Joseon dynasty. It was designated as Gyeongsangbuk-do Heritage No. 65 on 15th October in 1985. It is owned by Kim Gipal. It was built by Kim Dohyeon and only part of it remains.

Kim Dohyeon

  • Description:a loyalist
  • Childhood Name and Courtesy Name:Myeongok, Byeoksan
  • Born:1852- son of Chambong(the 9th government position) Kim Seongha, 15th generation of Chunguigong Gongjopanseo Baekjae-Kim Mungi
  • Achievement:General of a loyal military group, set up Yeongheung School.
  • Decoration:Order of Merit for National Foundation
  • Book:≪Byeoksanjip≫ Vol 1, 2

Kim Dohyeon was born in Sangcheong-ri Cheonggi-myeon Yeongyang-gun Gyeongsangbuk-do in 1852 with family origin Kim Nyeong, childhood name Myeongok, courtesy name Byeoksan, sobriquet Dohyeon. His family was relatively wealthy and he learn Chinese classics and prepared for a civil service literary examination. However, he was disappointed by corruption and decided to stay in his hometown. When the Donghak Peasant Revolution broke out, he organized

eomgojihoe and built a stone fortress on Mr. Geomgak in Dongcheonbyeon Sangcheong-ri to protect the region. When Confucian scholoars, who were raged by the assassination of Myeongseong and "Danballyeong(Short Hair Act Order)" in 1895, raised the Eulmi righteous arm across the country, Kim Dohyeon gathered people in Yeongyang and Andong with Yu Siyeon and raised the army on Cheongnyangsan Bonghwa-gun Gyeongsangbuk-do. He occupied Bonghwa and Yeongju, armed his army, and proceeded to Andong and fought against Japanese soldiers.

Then he moved to Cheongsong, Uiseong, Yeongdeok, Yeonghae, Gangneung to fight against royal foreces and Japanese soldiers and urged citizens there to start uprisings. However, most of the loyal army were defeated by the royal forces and Japanese army and had to be dismissed. Byeoksan dismissed his army in September, 1896 and sent letters to Gojong to argue against the Gwangmu Reform which included changing the name of the country to the Korean Empire

When the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905 was made in 1905, it drew a lot of criticism and Byeoksan once again organized an army to fight against it. However, it was dismissed again because Yeongyang governor informed him to the police. He was arrested and imprisoned. In 1907, he receive secret orders from Kojong, ordering him to raise a loyal army secretly and was titled as Bungyeokjanggun. He set up the Yeongheung School and worked for education. When his father passed away, he left a poem mourning the country's ruination and jumped off Gwaneodae to his death. He wrote "Byeoksanjip." He was posthumously awarded the Order of Independence in 1962.