Gyugonsiuibangui - Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang from Andong clan

Gyugonsiuibangui - Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang from Andong clan

Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang(1598~1680) from Andong clan was not only good at writing poems and drawing pictures but also a great mother who set a good example for her children.

Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang from Andong clan was born in Geumgye-ri, Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do in the 31st year of Seonjo. She died in Seokbo village, Yeongyang in the 6th year of Sukjong at the age of 83. As her third son, Galam Lee Hyeonil, was a great scholar and a high-ranking official, she was titled as Jeongbuin. She was called Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang since then.

She was known for her morality, resilience, and compassion. She helped the disadvantaged, such as elders, widows and orphans in secret. She wrote nine poems and one letter which are generally about ethics in neo-confucianism. She was respected later in life for her talents and personality.

The study on Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang‘s life and her family was first done by Kim Sahyeop(1960). Then Kim Hyeongsu continued the study by restoring her effects based on historical facts. Following is the summary of Mrs. Jang's life. It is important to understand her biography because it is a foundation for studying “Eumsikdimibang.”

Mrs. Jang's life was described in "Gwangji“ written by her third son Hyeonil and her diary. She followed When she got pregnant, she thoroughly followed the custom and educated her children with affection and rigor. She was also good at writing and left great poems and calligraphic works.

As she was virtuous and strived to educate her children, Jaeryeong Lee clan prospered and produced great scholars and high-ranking officials. She died in 1680(the 6th year of Sukjong) at the age of 83. The house in which she spent the rest of her life is located in Doodle village in Wolli-dong Seokbo-myeon Yeongyang-gun. Her grave is in Su-dong, Andong-gun.