Geum Gyeongyeon and Geumchon Maeul

Geum Gyeongyeon and Geumchon Maeul

Geum Gyeongyeon mastered Chinese classics and got much attention in his early childhoood. He was the 6th generation of Geum Huiseong, a Confucian scholar who set up Oksanseodang near Ongnyeongam and was known for his mastery in Korean Medicine. He was significantly influenced by Noam Geum Byeonggyu, his grandfather.

Geum Gyeongyeon

  • Definition:Educator, painter
  • Family Origin:Bonghwa
  • Born-Died:1916-1948
  • Achievement :Awarded 6 times in Joseon Painting Contest, principal of Subi Elementary School in 1946

Geum Gyeongyeon, an artist in western painting, was born in Balli-ri Subi-myeon as the 6th generation of Geum Huiseong. When he first started his painting career, his talents were well-received in art circles. In the 1930s, he won numerous awards for his remarkable paintings but died young of tuberculosis at the age of 33.

His paintings show his unique artistic style and his influence in early western painting in Korea. Even though he lived a short life, he was a genius who devoted his life only to painting.