Yeongyang Firefly Park

Jipune Village and its surroundings is the perfect place for fireflies to live because fireflies' food like water snails abound and it has a clean environment. There is few places in Korea in which you can observe fireflies. There is Jangsupocheon which stems from the Suha Valley near the village.

On top of that, there is an ecological park, a ecology school, observatory in the 586,400-meter-square area, which provides chances to learn about nature.

A closed school was renovated to serve as an ecology school. It has an exhibit room and an experience center. You can observe butterflies, dragon files and fireflies. A wild plant greenhouse and a self-purification pond were soon to be built.

Yeongyang Firefly Park

  • Location : Near Jipune Village Suha-ri Subi-myeon Yeongyang-gun
  • Contact : 82-54-680-6045, 683-8685


  • Jungbu Expressway→Yeongdong Expressway→Manjong Junction→ Andong IC-Route 34→Route 31 Local Road→Yeongyang→Ilwol →88 Local Road→Subi→the three-way intersection ner Subi middle and high school, turn left→the Suha Valley→Yeongyang Firefly Park
  • Yeongju→Bonghwa→Route 31(Local Road)→Yeongyang →Munam Three-way intersection→88 Local Road→Subi-myeon→the Suha Valley→Yeongyang Firefly Park

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