Fireflies at Suha Valley

Every summer, many tourists visit the Suha valley in summer to enjoy its clear water and the beautiful landscape. The valley starts at Suha2-ri and runs about 7.8km toward Songbang Recreational Forest. The water run though the mountains and valleys, forming ponds and waterfalls around the place and finally become the Suha valley. Compared to other valleys, it is very wide, which makes it the perfect place for summer vacation.

Near the Suha valley, there are facilities such as Yeongcheon Yaksu(mineral spring), the youth training center and Songbang Recreational Forest. About 10km north of Subi highschool, there are B&Bs and the resting area. After passing the resting area, you can find two roads which lead to Sinam-ri and Songbang Recreational Forest respectively. The view along the way to the forest is stunning. You can often find fishermen who are trying to catch perches. You can see otters at night and there used to be sweetfish and salmons. Along the stream near Suha Youth Training Center, there are a amphitheater and a water playground.

Beautiful landscape at summer night!
Fireflies lighten up the summer sky. They live only in a clean environmen because they eat only marsh snails, which live in clean water. Around Jipune Maeul(Village), which is near the Suha valley, there are not only fireflies but also hundreds kinds of creatures including snails. Yeongyang-gun recently built an 290,400㎡ ecological park and an ecological school.

Suha Valley

  • Location : Suha-ri Subi-myeon Yeongyang-gun
  • Information : Culture/Tourism Division 82-54-680-6062, 0067 Subi-myeon Office 82-54-680-6414


By Road

  • Seoul : Gyeongbu Expressway-Singal IC-Yeongdong Expressway-Wonju IC-Jungang Expressway-Seo(west) Andong IC(distance:350km)
  • Daejeon : Daejeon IC -Gyeongbu Expressway-Daegu Geumho IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC
  • Gwangju : Gwangju-88 Expressway-Seo(west)Daegu IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC
  • Busan : Busan-Gyeongbu Expressway-GeumhoIC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC(distance:260km)

Road Information

  • Located near Route 917
    • - Andong → Jinbo → Yeongyang → Ilwol → Subi → Suha Valley- Yeongju → Bonghwa → Route 31 → Yeongyang Tunnel → Munan Three-way Intersection → 88 Local Road → Bal-ri Subi-myeon → Suha Youth Training Center → Suha3-ri(Suha Valley)

Inter-city Bus

Yeongyang Inter-city Bus Terminal 82-54-683-2213


  • Yeongyang → Subi There is a bus every 30 minute (The first bus 05:50, The last bus 09:40)
  • Yeongam-eup -> Suhacheon Minbak(B&B) There are three buses a day bound for Songbang

Nearby Tourist Spots/Cultural Heritage

Jo Jihun's birthplace and the memorial, Wollokseodang, Yeongyanghyanggyo, Mt. Ilwol