Sanggye Waterfall/Hagye Waterfall

The water falling from the cliff looks like white jade crashing onto the water. The sound of the waterfall sounds like the breath of nature.

Sanggye Waterfall/Hagye Waterfall

  • Location : Subi-myeon
  • Information : Culture/Tourism Division 82-54-680-6062, 6067, Subi-myeon Office 82-54-680-6414


By Car

  • Seoul : Gyeongbu Expressway-Singal IC-Yeongdong Expressway-Wonju IC-Jungang Expressway-Seo(west) Andong IC(distance:350km)
  • Daejeon : DaejeonIC -Gyeongbu Expressway-Daegu Geumho IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC
  • Gwangju : Gwangju-88 Expressway-Seo(west) DaeguIC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC
  • Busan : Busan-Gyeongbu Expressway-Geumho IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC(distance:260km)

Road Information

  • Located near Route 88(Local Road)
    • - Andong→ toward Yeongdeok →Jinbo→Yeongyang→Ilwol →Subi→Bonsin Valley→Baekam Hotspring
    • - Yeongju→Bonghwa→Route 31→Yeongyang Tunnel→Munam Three-way Intersection→88 Local Road→Bonsin-ri Subi-myeon

Inter-city Bus

Yeongyang Inter-city Bus Terminal 82-54-683-2213


  • Yeongyang → Subi every 30 minutes (First bus 5:50, Last bus 9:40)
  • There are three buses a day from Subi to the valley.

Nearby Tourist Spots

Mt. Geomma Recreational Forest, Baekam Hot Spring