Mt. Maengdongsan

The meadow of the Nakdong mountains along the ranch.

Along the Nakdong mountains, there are Mt. Bakamsan, Changsuryeong, and Mt. Maengdongsan, which is near the entrance of Mt. Juwangsan.

In the ranch, there are cows feeding on the grass even in winter and the Samui valley is running along the ranch. There is a vegetable farm near Daegwallyeong, the mountain top.

Also, there is silver grass field along the ride. The breeze from the East Sea refreshes mountain climbers and the trekking trail is covered with white oak leaves and ice. There are four seasons at the same time.

Samui Valley

The water is clear and clean in the Samui Valley, which starts at the wild forest in Mt. Maengdongsan at an altitude of 812m.

The water is cold and transparent. There are small and big waterfalls along the valley, which are made by flat and white granite. Among them, the Sajaam waterfall(height 7~8m) is the most spectacular. Deep in the valley, you can see a wet fog caused by a big temperature difference in summer. In autumn, leaves turn into yellow and red creating a stunning view in the valley. It has four different landscapes for each season. There are camping sites and parking lots along the valley, which makes it easy for tourists to enjoy its splendid view.

Mt. Maengdongsan and the Samui Valley

  • Location : Samui-ri Seokbo-myeon Yeongyang-gun
  • Information : Culture/Tourism Division 82-54-680-6062, 6067, Seokbo-myeon Office82-54-680-6415


By Road

  • Seoul : Gyeongbu Expressway-Singal IC-Yeongdong Expressway-Wonju IC-Jungang Expressway-Seo(west) Andong IC(distance:350km)
  • Daejeon : Daejeon IC -Gyeongbu Expressway-Daegu Geumho IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC
  • Gwangju : Gwangju-88 Expressway-Seo(west)Daegu IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC
  • Busan : Busan-Gyeongbu Expressway-GeumhoIC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south) Andong IC(Distance:260km)

Road Information

  • Located near Local Road 917
    • - Jingo-myeon Cheongsong-gun→ Seokbo→ Hwamae → Samui-ri (the Samui Valley)

Inter-city Bus

Yeongyang Inter-city Bus Terminal 82-54-683-2213


Yeongyang → Seokbo There are 2 buses every day.

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