Cure-all Thuja

Cure-all Thuja

Gamcheon Thuja Forest is place along the river near the village in Gamcheon1-ri Yeongyang-eup. This forest looks like a folding screen and the reflection of the forest on the river looks like a heaven where Taoist hermits spend time idly.

In the river, there are catfish, carp, mandarin rish swimming upstream toward the Gamcheon reservoir. The breeze coming from the forest refresh tourists. There are pine trees, maple trees, wild cherry trees, and Thuja trees in the forest.

Since a long time ago, thuja trees have been densely growing in the forest, which is a very rare case. These trees were used as a cure-all in the past. At that time, many farmers could not afford to see a doctor. There was a word that brewed thuja leave and branch water was good to cure leukorrhea so many women looked for thuja trees.

Then many young men who were strong and healthy took the order from the patients and climbed the cliff with a scythe with them to cut the branches of trees. Then those who were watching the scene prayed, wishing the men a good luck. After the young man succeeded in cutting one, then he tied it on his waist and descended from the cliff.

When he finally crossed the river, those who were watching sighed and the family member of the patient pay him for his work, thanked him and hurriedly went back his home to treat the patient.

Gamchoen Thuja Forest was designated as Natural Monument No. 114 in 3 December 1962. It is located in San171 Gamcheon-ri Yeongyang-eup Yeongyang-gun and most of its trees are 3~5m long on average.