Gokgang River and Cheokgeumdae

Governor Jeong Seokgyo named the place Cheokgeumdae when there was a poetry club meeting beside the Gokgang river in 1692(the 18th year of Sukjong). You can see a landscape of swimming fish, sparking sand, and pine tree forests when you stand on Cheokgeumdae. Aside from Cheokgeumdae, there are 8 top attractions of the Gokgang river including Yeogibong,

Yaksucheon, Jiseogam, Byeongpungam, Mt. Banwolsan, Isugok, and Dongmangok which are called Gokgangpalgyeong.


  • Location : Gokgang-ri Ilwol -myeon Yeongyang-gun
  • Information : Culture/Tourism Division 82-54-680-6062, 0067


By Road

  • Seoul : Gyeongbu Expressway-Singal IC-Yeongdong Expressway-Wonju IC-Jungang Expressway-Seo(west) Andong IC(distance:350km)
  • Daejeon : Daejeon IC -Gyeongbu Expressway-Daegu Geumho IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south)Andong IC
  • Gwangju : Gwangju-88 Expressway-Seo(west)Daegu IC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south)Andong IC
  • Busan : Busan-Gyeongbu Expressway-GeumhoIC-Jungang Expressway-Nam(south)Andong IC(distance:260km)

Road Information

  • Located near Routh 31
    • - Andong → Jinbo→ Yeongyang→ Gokgang-ri(Gokgangpalgyeong) → Ilwol-myeon

Inter-city Bus

Yeongyang Inter-city Bus Terminal 82-54-683-2213


Yeongyang → Seokbo There are 2 buses every day.

Nearby Tourist Spots/Cultural Heritage

Jo Jihun's birthplace and the memorial, Wollokseodang, Yeongyanghyanggyo, Mt. Ilwol