Geumgang Pine Forest

Geumgang Pine Forest is located in Bonsin-ri, 5.7km away from the seat of Subi-myeon. Unlike typical pine trees, geumgang pine trees have straight branches and red-colored trunk. The forest provides a great chance to observe geumgang pine trees and breathe fresh air of them. There are a number of facilities including camping grounds, a water fountain, nature trails, and a suspension bridge. You can register for a forest tour and learn about geumgang trees as well. Nearby are Mt. Geomma Natural Recreational Forest and Baekam hot spring.


  • Location : Bonsin-ri Subi-myeon Yeongyang-gun Gyeongsangbuk-do (national forest)
  • Area : 3,461ha
  • Nature Trail : ⓛ 1.5km(2-hour course) ② 4km(4-hour course)
  • Accommodation: in Mt. Geomma Natural Recreational Forest.
  • Visitors last year : 19,406

What to see?

  • Geumgang Pine Trees
  • Wild flowers
  • 30 years ago, pine oil extraction trail
  • Various kinds of fish

What Can I See Here?

  • ornet Fishes, Minnows, Sweetfishes, Moroco Kumgangensis
  • Fish Dams(indigenous fishes), Dammed pool for irrigations
  • A eco tour
  • A suspension bridge

Forest Guide

  • Reservation : day 82-54-730-8140, at night(on holidays) 82-54-732-1601
  • The forest guide provides you an opportunity to explore the forest and learn about nature.
  • Registration : Yeongdeok National Forest Office of the Nambu Korean Forest Service
  • Contact : Phone 82-54-730-8140 Fax(on holidays) 82-54-732-9420