Cultural Events

Every year, there are various kinds of events to promote culture and sport for all. These events help citizens to foster build rapport and cooperation. Also, they help enhance the understanding of culture and art in Yeongyang.


Event Date Description Organizer
Yutnori(a game of yut) 15 Jan.
Individual event/team event/eup and myeon event Yeongyang Cheonguoe
Dalmaji(moon-viewing ceremony) 15 Jan.
sheaf burning Yeongyang Cheonguoe
Jangseungje 1 Feb.
Korean traditional totem pole ceremony Subi Young Adult Group
Essay and Drawing Contest May a essay and drawing Contest Yeongyang Culture Center
Ssireum Contest Dano
(5 May. lunar)
Ssireum Contest Yeongyang Young Adult Group
Swing Contest Dano
(5 May. lunar)
playing on a swing Yeongyang Junior Chamber
Wonnoreum Oct. Wonnoreum, a play Yeongyang Culture Center
Haedalmoe(the sun, the moon, and the mountain) Festival Oct. exhibition of the drawings or essays of students Yeongyang Education office