Bitkalchan Red Pepper Powder

Bitkalchan Red Pepper Powder

Trustworthy Origin

The most delicious variety of red peppers is chosen, raised, harvested by farmers who are in the partnership with the manufacturer. Only fully-ripe red peppers are used.

Safety and Hygiene

Red peppers are processed in the pneumatic system. They are washed, sterilized, cut, dried, and grinded.

Standardization of Quality

There is a production system in which various kinds of red powders can be made depending on a taste(mild, moderate, spicy) and particle size(for kimchi, for seasoning)


Red peppers are dried at a low temperature for a short period of time in the high-efficiency dryer, which helps to preserve their colors, taste, and nutrients including vitamin C and D.

Yeongyang's Specialty

Yeongyang Red Pepper Trade Corporation is a state-owned company which was set up as a way to develop red farming technologies and promote Yeongyang Red peppers around the world. Our red peppers were also approved to have an origin label on it by National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service.


  • March 2006 Food processing facilities approved by the FDA of the US
  • November 2006 Registered (No. 5)
  • February 2007 Recognized by GAP
  • June 2007 Approved by HACCP
  • December 2007 Designated as
  • June 2008 ISO22000 approved
  • July 2009 Traditional food product quality approved

Producing Process

  • Remove stalks - Wash- Remove dirt -Wash - Sterilize·Cut - Dry at a low temperature - Grind - Sort - Remove iron - Sent through pneumatic conveyor· CIP system - Package - Examine - Ship
  • 100g(stick), 150g(bottle), 500g, 1kg, 3kg, Gift set 1~3


  • Yeongyang Traditional Market : ☎ 82-54-680-6277
  • Yeongyang Agricultural Cooperative : ☎ 82-54-683-2281~2
  • NamYeongyang Cheonggyul Red Pepper Powder Plant) : ☎ 82-54-683-4421, 682-4601~3
  • Farmers' Market : ☎ 82-54-682-9793
  • Agricultural Administration Division : ☎ 82-54-680-6383
  • Yeongyang Red Pepper Trade Corporation : ☎ 82-54-682-9797