Yeongyang Red Paste

각종 용기로 포장된 영양고추장 제품들

Yeongyang red paste is made from Yeongyang red peppers. The processed one tastes both spicy and sweet, which is good for making dishes such as Tokpoki and Bibimbap. Chojang(red paste with vinegar for sashimi) made from the paste enhances the taste of sashimi.

Traditional one is made in the traditional way. It has profound taste and high quality.


Processed Red Paste

  • Plastic container : 500g, 1kg, 3kg
  • Ceramics Packaging : 1kg, 2kg
  • Can package : 14kg, 17kg
  • Chojang : 200g(plastic container), 15kg(can package)

Traditional Red Paste

1, 3, 5kg


  • Yeongyang Food Product(for processed one) : 82-54-683 - 3434
  • Woori Food Product(for traditional one) : 82-54-682-6578
  • farmers' market : 82-54-682-9793
  • Agricultural administration division in the county office : 82-54-680 - 6383