red Pepper · Mt. Ilwol · Firefly

Yeongyang has numerous cultural treasures handed down from ancestors and nature where fireflies inhabit.
Yeongyang is a region of a scholar. Many patriots and scholars were from Yeongyang. In addition, we have beautiful landscape and cultural remains around Mt. Ilwol, whose height is 1,219 meters. Yeongyang is full of growth potential. Its specialties include red pepper, apple, tobacco, deodeok, conidium, gastrodia, cow parsnip, gomchwi and wild grape

서섭지 연꽃과, 일월산 정상에서 내려다 보는 사람들

Birthplace of Great Men

  • loyal troops in the end of Joseon dynasty: Kim Dohyeon, Lee Hyeongyu, Kim seongun
  • Authors : O Ildo, Jo Jihun, Lee Munyeol


  • Located near the middle of the Nakdong. Alpine/Valley region
  • Elevation: 234m, Subi-myeon 430m
  • 73 % of agricultural land is dry-field. Moutainous region


  • Daily temperature range : 22.3℃ ( 9℃ ~ 31.3℃ )
  • First frost: 21 October . Last Frost: 5 May

Main facilities

  • Mt. Ilwol (1,219 m) Air Force Control Post
  • Mt. Ilwol Long Distance Network Relay Station

Special Administrative Branches

  • Administration of National Highway : Yeongju
  • Court, Public prosecutor's office: Yeongdeok
  • Tax Office : Andong