From Yeongdeok, Uljin

Pass Yeongyang-gun agricultural technology center and Yeongyang police substation. At the intersection near Yeongyang Nongyup, go straight to the county office.

From Yeongju, Bonghwa

Cross Yeongdong bridge. At the three-way intersection in front of Yeongyang-eup office, turn right.

From An-dong

Turn left at the three-way intersection near Sejin gas station. Pass Yeongyang post station and then turn left at the intersection.


  • Yeongyang County Office : Gyeongbuk Yeongyang-gun Yeongyang-eup Guncheong-gil 37 ☎ 82-54-680-6413
  • Tourist information : Culture/tourism division in the county office ☎ 82-54-680-6411, 6413
  • Yeongyang intercity bus terminal : ☎ 82-54-683-2213