Multicultural Family Support

Yeongyang-gun Multi-cultural Family Support Center

Provides services for multi-cultural families

Door-to-door Education Services for Multi-cultural Families

Following are the services for multi-cultural families

Following are the services for multi-cultural families
area Services Note
door-to-door education services Korean language courses
Education on parenting
free of charge
Child guidance services costs apply differently

Who can apply?

  • Korean language courses : immigrant spouses who have stayed in Korea less than 5 years, immigrant children
  • Education on parenting : The education is provided for each stage of life cycle of a child.(maximum 15 months, maximum three times)
  • Child guidance services : children ages 3 to 12 from multi-cultural families, immigrant children

Language Development Courses for Children from Multi-cultural families

  • These courses are aimed at educating immigrant children to be a responsible, productive member of society
  • We evaluate the language levels of the children and provide language courses for them so that they can develop their language skills.
  • We also teach counseling and education methods to immigrant parents so that they can encourage their children to enhance language skills at home

Who can apply?

immigrants children who need language learning(ages 12 or below)

Interpretation and Translation Services for Immigrant Spouses

  • These services are intended to help immigrant spouses to adapt to the new environment more easily.
  • These services also create jobs for immigrant spouses, which in turn make them more self-reliant.

Who can apply?

  • multi-cultural families
  • an individual or an organization that support multi-cultural families directly or indirectly.

Korean Language Courses for Immigrant Spouses

  • Provide door-to-door services for those who have difficulty visiting the multi-cultural family support center
  • aimed at helping immigrant spouses who face challenges adapting to Korean culture and encouraging social inclusion

Who can apply?

Any immigrant spouses can participate.


Language courses, culture learning, counseling

※ Contact : Yeongyang-gun Multi-cultural Family Support Center ☎ 82-54-683-5432/82-70-4136-1004
Yeongyang-gun County Office, Residential Life Aid Division, Women Policy ☎ 82-54-680-6282