1345 Immigration Contact Center

About Center

About Center

The 1345 Immigration Contact Center is a multi-lingual application guide center that provides information and consultation services via phone and online channels to better accommodate foreigners, pursuant to the Act on the Treatment of Foreigners in Korea.

The 1345 Immigration Contact Center operates a portal site called Hi Korea, which provides information for foreigners in four languages (Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) and e-application services, and offers phone consultation service s (1345) in 17 languages in addition to Korean.

How to Use the Services

  • Consultation hours: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays (services available in Korean, English and Mandarin after 10 p.m.)
  • Dial 1345 from anywhere in Korea using a mobile phone or landline
    ※ Dial 82-1345 if calling from overseas (no area code needed)
  • Automated Response System (ARS) Guide
    • Press 1: to obtain information on the locations of the Korea Immigration Service offices, their jurisdictions and operating hours
    • Press 2: to obtain information on the result of the application processing
    • Press 3: to report resignation or report the place of work for visiting overseas Koreans via fax
    • Press 0: to speak to a representative
  • Multilingual consultation: After dialing 1345, listen to the ARS message and press the number corresponding to the language you desire before pressing the star (*) button.
    • Korean (1), Mandarin (2), English (3), Vietnamese (4), Thai (5), Japanese (6), Mongolian (7), Indonesian/Malaysian (8), French (9), Bengali (10), Pakistani (11), Russian (12), Nepali (13), Khmer (14), Burmese (15), German (16), Spanish (17), Filipino (18), Arabic (19), Sinhala (20)